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2017 is underway and you’ve made changes to begin taking better care of yourself.  Many are still thinking and talking about it, but you’re actually doing it! Good for you!  To encourage your great moves let’s look ahead and prepare for barriers so you can push through it and reach your goal. Can

Barrier #1:  Finding “New Normal”

Reaching for new goals requires sacrifice and that sacrifice is often your familiar routines.  While you know this will happen we often are surprised how uncomfortable it is to be stuck between our old behaviors and our new ones.  This is where many bail out and give up, fleeing back to their comfort zone.  It will take time so stay strong, review your goals and keep on the path.  A new and better “normal” is right around the corner.

Barrier #2:  Feelings vs. Discipline

There is a place for feelings but they must not determine your actions if you want serious results.  You can’t wait until you “feel” like doing something.  You sign up for it and do it regardless.  Then, when temptations and old preferences come knocking, your self-discipline will take over and kick some butt.

  • There will be another time for that glass of wine but not tonight because it’s not part of the plan.
  • Your bed is exceptionally warm and cozy but you must get alarmup for that scheduled workout. Your goals and your workout
    buddy are counting on you.
  • You’re too busy to make the phone call to your friend or family member, but you committed to investing in your relationships this year. Act like it and make the call.


Do the things that move you closer to what you want.  Make this season about discipline even at the cost of a little fun or comfort.

Barrier #3:  Over-doing it

You aren’t seeing results quick enough.  Fair enough, but don’t be too quick to add more work.  Of course we want all of the change now but often speeding up the timeline can add to injury, and that will crush your momentum.  Create a timeline to your goal so you can check your progress and stay encouraged.  If you are on schedule celebrate and enjoy your success.  At this pace you will arrive right on time!

Barrier #4: Comparison 

You’re making progress and it’s exciting BUT your friend is doing better than you.  Good for you AND good for them!  We are so quick to compare and it’s not fair to anyone!  A win for your friend is not a loss for you.  Exchange high-fives and keep kicking butt.

HIgh five

The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday.


You’re doing great!  Stick to your plan and gain confidence with every successful day.  It may look like a mountain now but the view from the top will be worth it.

Yes, the items and rankings on this list are debatable.  But it is supported by years of working with real people.  Please stay encouraged and focused on your goals.  Know that your results will take time, and with intentional steps they will become a reality if you stick with it!



I don’t know about you but I am EXCITED about 2017. It might a sound cliche and cheesy but there is so much promise and potential at the beginning of the year.  I’ve set a few of my goals and hope you have too.  If you haven’t yet or don’t know where to start, let’s get you thinking about yours!

Reflect on last yearponder

If you’re looking for path to move forward, first consider, how you arrived to where you are.  I find it helps to ask questions like…

  • How did my body move for me last year?
  • Do I have pain I’ve been dealing with that may have a simple solution?
  • Did I read a book last year or do something to invest in my brain and intellect?
  • Did I have enough fun last year?
  • Did I care for my relationships as well as I should have?
  • Did I do anything challenging last year?

As you can see, goals don’t need to be just about improving your physical look, health, or ability.  There are so many ways to improve as a person.  Let’s dive in a little deeper.

Body Goal

Your body is your vehicle and it’s condition can greatly determine what you can and can’t do.  If you are disappointed with how you moved last year consider setting a goal to improve it.

  • See a health professional if you have pain movement.
  • Start a walking program to help improve stamina and manage body weight.
  • Join a gym and begin exercising consistently to improve muscular strength and bone density.

Food Goals

While food goals can be body goals too, it can help to separate them to simplify and focus on specific things to change.  While an overhaul may make a greater impact, start slow and find a sustainable change first.  A few food goals can be…

  • Dricolorful-foodnk more water or/and drink less sugar drinks. Notice I said “less” and not “no”.  Any improvement on this is a win.
  • Add colorful veggies at every meal, or at dinner if you’re eating none.
  • Decrease bread intake .
  • Eat fast-food less.



Play Goal

As adults, it’s easy to forget that we need play too, and not just playing with our children.  Don’t know where to start?  Think of what you liked to do as a kid and dive in.  Here are some of the things I did.

  • Go fishing.
  • Have a pillow fight.
  • Bike for leisure and to sight see.
  • Build a fort.
  • Shoot cans with a sling shot.
  • Wrestle with someone.
  • Wade barefoot in a creek at least thigh deep. (Depth matters here!)
  • Play a sport: basketball, frisbee.

Challenge Goal

What is it you would like to do but it scares you?  When was the last time you threw your hands up in victory, truly delighted in what you accomplished?  Your human spirit must have these moments!  Find a way to do this in 2017.

  • Run the mini marathon (but please train for it!)hot-air-balloon
  • Finish the project you started a while ago.
  • Go on a balloon ride if you’re afraid of heights (totally scary and worth it!)
  • Give a speech or presentation.
  • Read a challenging book.
  • Call that person and mend the relationship.

Did anything come to mind as you read through this?  Good!  Now write it down, tell a friend, and get started.  Goals don’t need to be many or complicated but do need to exist.  I look forward to reflecting on your accomplishments a year from now!