Cal Krueger

Cal Krueger

Personal Trainer
B.S. Kinesiology, CSCS

My love for exercise and fitness began as a young child through sports. Competing made me realize my passion for exercise and allowed me to push myself to succeed. Because of the experiences on the sports field, I decided to study kinesiology at Indiana University and earn my degree in exercise science.

While at Indiana University, I was blessed to have a very successful athletic career as a pitcher on the baseball team. Competing at that stage had one main takeaway, if you want something you have to earn it! Goals are achieved through hard work, dedication, and creating a daily lifestyle to achieve that goal.

This path is what led me to become a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. I love working with and encouraging people trying to achieve a goal. There’s no better feeling than seeing somebody smile after they achieve a goal that they are passionate about reaching. It is what I love the most about personal training, and I want to see that smile on the face of each client I train.

I look forward to learning and expanding my knowledge, so I can keep becoming a better trainer each and every day. When you find me outside the gym, I might be golfing, fishing, or with my wife taking our beautiful dog, Margo, on a walk!