Jon Taylor

Personal Trainer
B.S. Biology of Disease, M.S. Medical Physiology

From the time I was young I have been fascinated by biology and the function of the human body.  This passion was conceived through both my early education, encouragement at home, and participation in myriad sports which allowed me to begin to understand the body both in theory and in practice.  While attending high school, I began to use resistance training to improve my athletic performance primarily for track and field.  

Despite forgoing participation in sports while completing my undergraduate degree in Biology of Disease at Indiana University, my passion and dedication for training grew exponentially and I began to focus on my physique and health goals.  

I further developed my understanding of the function of the human body while completing my Master’s degree in Medical Physiology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.  I continued to improve my own training, nutrition, and health activities during this time and began to train others with a primary emphasis on health optimization and physique improvement.  

As both a trainer and as a person, I draw energy and motivation from helping others achieve their goals.  One of the aspects of training I love most is constantly learning and improving my training methods and philosophy to maximize the results of my training style.  

When I’m not helping others through personal training, I spend most of my time in the gym training for my own goals, practicing my guitars, and playing with my dog!