Katie Weimer

Personal Trainer
B.S. Health Sciences / NASM Certified Macro Nutrition Coach

I’m a personal trainer and macro nutrition coach with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences and a minor in nutrition. I have always had a passion for fitness and nutrition and how it can transform your life. 

Growing up, I played a variety of sports so I always had a natural attraction to and respect for movement, athleticism, and hard work. 

When I was 18, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I was extremely tired, had joint pain, and felt depressed. I was told by many that my body would change because of this disease. I viewed myself and my body in a very negative way for YEARS. 

In hopes of transforming my body and my own self-image, I turned to fitness and nutrition. I wasn’t about to let this disease stop me from being who I wanted to be! 

It was in college that I truly fell in love with fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. In 2016, I had the opportunity to work at a gym as a personal trainer. I was able to learn and grow with each of my clients. Working with a diverse population of amazing people made me realize that what started as an interest of mine, soon turned into a passion, and now I believe it is my purpose. It is my mission to teach men and women how to train smarter, not harder, and quit restrictive diets. 

When I’m not working with clients, you will find me spending time with my husband and golden retriever. My husband and I love going on long walks with our dog and fixing up investment properties together.