Logan Harris

Logan Harris

Personal Trainer
B.S. Kinesiology, NASM-CPT

Exercise and fitness played a large role in my life before I knew what they even were. I grew up playing sports year-round, so I didn’t view it as exercise, I just knew I was playing something. I was very skinny growing up so throughout high school I enjoyed resistance training and getting bigger and strong almost as much as the games themselves.

After transferring once and changing my major a couple times I realized it was always obvious what I should pursue in college. I never quit working out after high school even though I was no longer an athlete. I would always educate myself by reading studies, watching videos, and reading articles. I finally made my passion my degree and graduated from IUPUI with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and became a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Although my path wasn’t direct, I’m happy about where it has me now. I love helping clients with their goals, whether it be weight loss, building muscle, increasing strength, moving better, or whatever it may be.

When I’m not training a client or working out myself, I enjoy watching sports, golfing, going to concerts, gaming, and going down YouTube rabbit holes.