Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown

Personal Trainer
B.S. Applied Exercise and Health, ACSM-PT

I have been working in the fitness industry since my second semester of college. I started at a small, all women’s personal training studio in 2012 where I became a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. In 2016, I earned my degree in applied exercise and health from Purdue University.

Since then I have worked in many different fitness settings, including collegiate recreation, active aging and corporate wellness. Having this background has given me a wide range of experience and depth in each facet of helping individuals attain their fitness goals through an efficient, tailored experience.

As a trainer, my motive is to help clients reach goals they thought you would never be able to achieve. Through hard work, consistency, and balance, I believe anyone can pave the path to success. My personal fitness philosophy is to always enjoy the journey but challenge myself along the way. This philosophy has since led me to compete in a powerlifting competition, run a marathon a year, and regularly participate in kickboxing.

Outside of fitness I spend most of my free time with my husband. Our main hobbies include eating Mexican food, supporting Indy Eleven soccer, going on road trips and playing board games with friends.