Experienced Trainers

Personal trainers have over 40 years of combined experience. We understand every body is different. Trainers use experience and expertise to create tailored workouts. Trainers have degrees in exercise science from accredited universities with a variety of certifications in fitness disciplines.

Tailored Training

Body Outfitters personal trainers offer a variety of personal training services to meet clients needs and goals. From one on one personal training sessions to training for teams of two to small group training and classes, we help clients discover the best fitness programs for their goals.

Positive Environment

We provide an environment curated to strengthen your body and mind. We guarantee space to move with confidence and execute the best workout for your body. Body Outfitters personal trainers strive to create an experience that is intimate, upbeat and motivational.

"The Eat Better Nutrition program has completely changed the way I approach food. Beacuse of this, I am down 30 lbs, and counting! "


"My family has trained with Mark Moreland and his professional team
at Body Outfitters for over three years. They have earned my respect and trust."

- Jim 

"The physical challenges are highly motivating, especially when
you are working alongside your friends with amazing trainers."

- Alissa 

"I’ve been with Body Outfitters for over a decade
and continue to be a happy client."

- Claire

"My trainer has helped keep me motivated and accountable.
I appreciate the personal interest shown in me and the support provided."

- Dave

"I am amazed at my transformation over the last 6+ months-getting stronger and more toned. In the process, I have lost weight, inches, body fat and
my clothes are fitting better."

- Vicki

"Enjoy all the trainers that I have worked with. Each has their own style which is great."

- Richard