Nutrition CounselingWhat you eat can make or break your results

It’s important to find the right food intake that allows you to navigate through your day with enough fuel for high energy while promoting progress. Whether you want to lose fat, build strength, or just feel better, Body Outfitters personal trainers are equipped to counsel and modify current nutrition to match goals. All new customers receive goal-oriented nutrition counseling and education during the Fitness Consultation. Additional time can be scheduled for more in-depth accountability and monitoring if needed.

Interested in a class? We offer Eat Better, Feel Better, Look Better - a six-week physician-developed whole foods-based nutrition series that is perfect for those who want to reset their eating habits to feel better or develop habits that support fat loss or BOTH! Watch this short video for more details. Call us today about one-on-one sessions or small group opportunities.


The Next Class starts January 31, 2024

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