Body Outfitters Sports Strength

Strength is the foundation of sports performance. All other elements—power, agility, endurance, skill—are all enhanced by the ability to create more force. BOSS focuses solely on increasing the strength of our young athletes to help them WIN on the field and prevent injury.

The BOSS process: Assess, Correct, Load

  • Assess the athlete’s movement and body awareness.
  • Correct any faults or imbalances.
  • Load to promote adaptation and confidence.

Proven sports strength success training over 50 local athletes

The BOSS Advantage

  • 30-minute Strength Sessions - efficient and not exhaustive
  • Coach Developed and Implemented Programming (Workouts)
  • Max six participants, so your athlete is getting personal attention while in a group setting

Monthly payment with a rate at $18.50 per session. Only pay per sessions scheduled.

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