About Us

personal trainingAt Body Outfitters we believe every body is different and requires a tailored level of personal training exercise that is demanding enough to create improvement while safe to match current physical condition. Our certified team delivers personal training services working alongside clients to help them progress to the next level, and ultimately, reach desired goals. Together, through assessment, education, progression, consistency and feedback, we build and implement programs to support clients to reach their goals.

Body Outiftters has two studios on the northside of Indianapolis. Body Outfitters Zionsville opened in August 2010. We opened Body Outfitters Carmel personal training studio in 2018. Our studios have a small feel and comfortable atmosphere free of the intimidation and feel of a big box gym.

Our Philosophy is simple: Find the balance

  • Balance hard training with appropriate rest and nutrition.
  • Balance your caloric intake with your metabolic needs and activity demands.
  • Train as hard as possible but with wisdom of your body.

This is body care. This is stewardship. This serves people for a lifetime!

If you have any questions or are ready to move forward with a Personal Trainer, please contact us.

Body Outfitters Personal Training


Our fitness professionals have degrees that include exercise science or kinesiology. When coupled with experience, certifications and continuing education, Body Outfitters certified personal trainers have knowledge and understanding about how the human body works coupled with the skills to create exercise programs that deliver progress. From beginners to athletes, we have the knowledge and tools to put you on the path to your goals.


We build personal training programs that control the intensity of each session to create the correct balance between movement and rest to make the most out of a 30-minute session. Whether the goal is gaining strength, losing weight, less pain, or taking your workouts up a notch, our experts use every minute of time with you to concentrate on your goals.


Consistency and effort are the key to reaching any goal, and fitness goals are no different. By providing dedicated workout times, personalized programming, and out of studio follow-up, our personal training programs hold you accountable for the choice you made to care for your body.