5 Ways You Need to be an Adult About Your Health

“Do as I say not as I do”.   This familiar statement might work in a pinch, but we all know it doesn’t work in the long run.  Kids watch adults, more specifically, they watch to see if what they say is reflected in their lives.  Then, they will only believe and respect what they see.  Sure, we’re all guilty of this with our little ones to some extent, but if you find your health behaviors conflict with what your “Mom” or “Dad” voice proclaims, then it’s time to act like an adult.  See if any of these challenge you.Funny-Fitness-McDs-W630

“Don’t eat junk food.  It’s bad for you.” Does our community really need  a double-drive through at McDonalds!  I know fast food and junk tastes good…it’s engineered that way!  I know it’s convenient and you’re busy…that’s what refrigerators and day planners are for.  It’s time to think ahead, both to the upcoming week to make a food plan, and to the future to think about your family and your health.  We know better and need to do better about fueling our bodies with crap.  Need suggestions on healthy fast foods?  Read “Feeding Families on the Fly” on the Times Sentinel web page.

“It’s  time for you check up at the doctor.” When was the last time you went to your doctor for a physical?  We sprint there with our kids so why not ourselves?  Some say it’s because they are scared of what the doc might say.  That’s what a kid says.  Now get in there!  What you don’t know CAN hurt you and the ones you love.  If you’re over 40 and haven’t had a check-up in the last 2 years, call and make an appointment today!

“Eat yourat the doctor vegetables.” We expect our kids to try and eat many vegetables in the hopes they like them.  News flash:  They probably won’t.  Most of us will never crave veggies like we do other foods.  This doesn’t mean we don’t learn the value and discipline of eating them.  Colorful veggies are the key to human awesomeness!  The vitamins and minerals in those plants allow all physical action to happen.  So eat your colorful veggies and DISPLAY to your little people their importance.

“Go outside and play.” Above all the others, I believe this one is needed the most!  We encourage our children to play and be active outside.  Do you notice how it fills their tanks?!?!   It brings out their best.  They eat better, sleep better, think better, communicate better, etc.  ADULTS NEED THIS TOO!  Go outside and find something fun to do.  It doesn’t even need to be with your kids.  Play ball with some friends, throw a frisbee, chop some wood, go fishing.  Whatever fills your tank!softball

Were you challenged by any of these areas?  Me too!  Now let’s make some simple changes to live healthier  lives, and set a better example for the next generation.   Then you can change your statement to “Do as I do.”, except you won’t need to say anything.  Your actions will speak for you.