Careers - Personal Trainer

Body Outfitters is excited to hire a Personal Trainer who is:

  1. An enthusiastic leader who is exciting to be around
  2. Committed to coaching and reinforcing proper movement and exercise form.
  3. Passionate about helping others improve their fitness and health.
  4. Driven to grow from a trainer to leading a Body Outfitters team.

Body Outfitters Personal Training Studio is dedicated to delivering a customized exercise program to each individual we have the privilege to care for.  Progressing individuals toward better physical condition is our passion and we do so through expert exercise instruction, accountability, and appropriately demanding work. Whether our customers are working by themselves or in a small group, they know they are getting the best workout, with the highest level of coaching…and have fun doing it!

To Succeed Here

This position requires confidence, independent action, initiative, a sense of urgency, and the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them. A well-suited candidate can react and adjust quickly to changing conditions and come up with practical ideas for dealing with them. There is a great deal of challenge and pressure, and people and problems must be handled with confidence and determination. There is a strong demand for high quality, organized and repeatable results.

Our Environment

A form-focused studio; clients will experience the dedication of their trainers to dial in the details of each movement through instruction and constructive feedback throughout their 30-minute session.

High energy and intensity define our training, while lively conversation and encouragement define the tone of the studio.

A staff that focuses on every aspect of the studio from cleanliness to warm-ups to scheduling/billing with the clients’ experience in mind.

A Body Outfitters Trainer is…

Confident – A proactive leader who moves towards demanding scenarios with spirit and strength.

Experienced – Is equipped with the knowledge and experience to care for any person with any goal.

Passionate – An enthusiasm for fitness that inspires others to better themselves, and a continued pursuit of knowledge.

Body Outfitters Services

  • Personal Training (1 on 1)
  • Small Group Training (1-4 clients / Trainer)- depending on trainer experience and development
  • Nutrition Counseling for fat-loss and muscle gain
  • Youth Sports Strength and Kids Fitness

We Offer Employees

  • Competitive compensation: Your choice of commission-based or salary/hourly structure (Income range is $36,000-$70,000+ per year with potential for higher earning.)
  • Benefits and paid vacation days: group health benefits upon hire
  • Flexible working hours
  • Continued education
  • Opportunities to create products in areas you are the most passionate.
  • Opportunities for professional advancement and leadership as our company grows.

Our Principles

  • Body Outfitters provides an opportunity for those special people who want to make training/coaching people a career and support them with every resource to do just that. In return, we expect your best all of the time.
  • People are our passion and worthy of our best service.
  • Physical stewardship is the most important reason for exercising. We are to be responsible caretakers of our bodies knowing that how we care for ourselves affects us and all of those around us.
  • We are form-focused leaders. Then, when the learning and details are dialed in, we have so much fun! If the form breaks, the coach must be right there to step in and lead.
  • Improving your fitness is an investment in your body to engage life more fully.
  • Our employees are the ambassadors of our brand and, therefore, our company’s most valuable resource.

Employment Requirements

  • Education: minimum bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science or related degree (ie: Kinesiology, Fitness Specialist, other), continuing education/certification demonstrated
  • Experience : 1 year of experience working with full-time client load (30-35 hours/week) preferred
  • Language: Demonstrated proficient spoken and written English
  • Work habits: Demonstrated punctual and reliable, teachable, and enthusiastic
  • Work demeanor: professional, friendly, detailed

Please email your resume to  Also, explore our website and Facebook page to learn more.