Chin-Ups for Children

Chin-Ups for Children

Physical Education at Zionsville Elementary Schools needs HELP!  The current school funding situation has left this essential part of our children’s education with ZERO funding!  Body Outfitters is putting our passion for fitness into action to help fill this gap.

On September 6 our Fall Festival Parade float will roll onto Mulberry Street, and we will begin performing chin-ups on a 6’ x 4’ chin-up rack attached to our float.  Our team will do chin-ups throughout the entire parade, then move the rack down to the park where people from the community, maybe YOU, will continue the effort and keep the chin-ups going.

Our goal is to perform a total of 2000 chin-ups as a community.  Body Outfitters will donate $1.00 for each chin-up to ZCS PE and put $2000 towards our total event goal of raising $10,000 to jump-start the PE for Life Fund

Here’s how YOU can help!

  • Donate!   You can…
    • Make a set contribution of $10, $20, $50, or other amount towards the effort.
    • Support your Trainer by pledging a set amount for each chin-up they perform through the weekend.  Ask your Trainer their goal and get involved!
  • Participate!  Stop by our booth during the Fall Festival and do some chin-ups to help us reach our goal.  You can even ask others to pledge your efforts.  Instruction, spotting, and assistance bands will be provided to help you be awesome!
  • Communicate!  We need as many people as possible to know about this!  Be vocal!  Start conversations in your work places and schools.  “Like” Body Outfitters Facebook page and Follow us on Twitter so that you can easily re-post items related to this event.

I’m ready to donate! Click HERE!

For more info on the PE for Life Fund click HERE.