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Image Sizes

Trainer Headshots - 350px by 350px

Secondary Page Images - 400px by 250px or 400px by 400px

Slider Image - 2000px by 600px

Managing Trainers

The Personal Trainer page images are managed by Envira Gallery.  There is a gallery for each section listed on the page. To remove a Trainer from the page, you delete the image in the corresponding Envira Gallery. To edit a trainer's title and description on the Personal Trainer page, you do that in Envira Gallery as well.

Here is a video that shows how to delete and edit a Trainers information.

Here is video that shows you how to delete a trainer from one gallery add add them to a another Gallery.

Add a new Personal Trainer

Here are the steps to add a new Personal Trainer.

  1. Create all content
  2. Get headshot and crop / size to 350px by 350px
  3. Duplicate the page of an existing trainer
  4. Update all the content on the page (in Beaver Builder)
    1. Replace existing content
    2. Replace image and add necessary CSS class name
  5. Update the WordPress Title and slug.
    1. Save page, review page and copy page URL
  6. Add the trainer image to the appropriate Envira Gallery
    1. Add necessary Title, Caption and page URL
  7. Test the Personal Trainers page and individual trainer's page

Here is a video that shows how to add a new Trainer.