Alban Seal

Alban Seal

Digital Marketing Assistant
Student IUPUI

I'm thrilled to be a part of the digital marketing team at Bodyoutfitters. As a lifelong sports enthusiast and someone who grew up playing soccer and football, I've always been immersed in a healthy and active lifestyle.

Being a die-hard Colts fan and an avid follower of Indianapolis sports, I can't help but get caught up in the excitement of game day! When I'm not cheering on my favorite teams, you can find me on the golf course. Golf is my go-to activity for relaxation and a fun way to challenge myself mentally and physically. The feeling of stepping onto the fairway and the focus required for each swing is something I truly enjoy.

Currently, I'm pursuing my marketing degree at IUPUI, where I'm honing my skills and knowledge in the field. Combining my passion for sports and wellness with my studies allows me to bring a unique perspective to our gym studio's marketing efforts.

I'm excited to contribute to Bodyoutfitters’ success by promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and showcasing the expertise of our trainers.