Mark Moreland

Mark Moreland

Owner and Personal Trainer
B.S. Exercise Science

Every body is different and requires a personalized level of exercise that is both demanding enough to create improvement and safe to match current physical condition. My role as a personal trainer for nearly 25 years has been to find this balance, and work alongside clients to help them progress to the next level and, ultimately, their desired goals.

Together through assessment, education, progression, consistency, and feedback, we build and implement the program you need to get you where you want to go. I am driven by stewardship and the belief I have been entrusted with resources and will be held accountable for what I do with them. All areas are subject to this principle: my finances, my relationships, my possessions, my body. I often ask myself “how am I caring for my _____?” I love people, and I was created to serve. Everyone is so unique, each with a set of strengths and weaknesses. This is why my job is so satisfying and interesting to me: I have completed more than 50,000 personal training sessions and not one of them has been the same because every time someone walks through the door it is a unique situation - even when it’s an individual I have been training for 10 years!

I began a career as a personal fitness trainer in March of 1999 while attending IUPUI. After completing my bachelor’s degree in exercise science in 2001, I remained in the industry furthering my experience and applying my knowledge by serving clients in the Indianapolis area. In 2010, I opened Body Outfitters in Zionsville and love serving the people of my hometown. With this all said, I’m not ALL work.

My favorite thing to do is be with my wife and children, often playing hard! We are very active and love to be together, especially outdoors. My favorite activities are creating active games, running, and laboring outside in the dirt. When I choose leisure, you will find me fishing.