Tommy Reed

Thomas Reed

Personal Trainer
B.S. Applied Health Sciences,  ACE Certified

My desire to be in the exercise and fitness field developed during my time playing football and running track at Franklin Community High School. I had the privilege of learning from two strength coaches with different backgrounds: CrossFit and Powerlifting. Seeing these two different training styles in action expanded my knowledge and deepened my appreciation for exercise. I came to enjoy learning the way the body moves and how people respond to that moment, which led me to complete my degree in Applied Health Sciences and minor in Kinesiology at Indiana University.

I value constantly learning new skills; thus, I pursued a personal training certification through ACE, The American Council on Exercise, in order to develop training methods to use with clients. My desire as a personal trainer is to help individuals reach their fitness goals while building confidence and staying consistent. In my free time, I enjoy watching sports, reading, spending time with family, and training on my own.