Simple Drills, 10 Minutes, Every Day

Simple Drills, 10 Minutes, Every Day. 

Some days, we are just too busy to get everything done. Maybe, we just don’t feel like doing a full workout. Or, we want something extra to do on our off days. One thing is for certain, we can dedicate 10 minutes to anything, regardless of schedule or preference. 

Below is a list of drills that can be done in a short amount of time. Each list covers a different aspect of fitness. They don’t require any equipment and can be easily modified based on strength and confidence level. 

Here’s the rules:

  1. Set a timer for 10 minutes. When the time is up, you’re done!
  2. Keep Moving, transition quickly between exercises
  3. Keep your rest little, only to catch your breath (it’s only 10 minutes)
  • Cardio: Fast Walk
    1. This is easy. Find a path or a sidewalk near your house. Put on some motivating music. Hit the trail hard until time is up.
      1. Pro Tip: Put a Hip Circle or Mini Band around your legs by your knees. This will challenge your glutes more while you walk!
  • Core: Plank/Bear Crawl/Carry
    1. 30 second Plank
    2. 10 Yard Bear Crawl. Video demo HERE
    3. 1 minute of Carry
      1. Pick Up a heavy backpack, hug it, and walk. 
    4. Repeat until time is up. 
  • Strength: Push Up/Row/Lunge
    1. 10 Push ups.
      1. can be modified doing elevated or on your knees. 
    2. 15 Bodyweight Rows- Demo HERE
    3. 20 Walking Lunges(10/leg)
    4. Repeat until time is up
  • Mobility: Total Body
    1. 1 Minute Deep Squat Hold- Demo HERE
      1. Use a furniture piece if needed
    2. 1 Minute/side Hip Flexor Stretch- Demo HERE
    3. 1 Minute Thoracic Prayer Mobility- Demo HERE
    4. Repeat for 2 Round
    5. Finish- 2 Minutes Feet Up, Belly Breathing- Demo HERE
Written by
Landon Whitaker
Personal Trainer

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