Personal Training – One on One attention for personal results

The best workout you’ve ever had! Experience 30 or 45 minutes of personal attention as one of our expert trainers leads you through a workout developed around your current fitness level and specific goals. Each person begins their program with an in-depth Fitness Consultation to determine your current fitness level, set your personal goals and record your starting point. Then it’s time to go to work!

Whether you want more strength, less fat, more flexibility or less pain, this is the product for you!

Small Group Training – Hard work alongside friends, for half the price

This is not a class. This is not social hour. This is hard work with your favorite people!

When groups get big, you get lost in the midst along with your form and your goals. We won’t let that happen. Body Outfitters is committed to personalized, demanding workouts and we honor this commitment by keeping a strong trainer-to-participant ratio. If your group grows bigger than 4 another trainer will step in to preserve the quality of the workout. So, grab some friends or jump into an existing group and try it out today!

Family Workouts – Get fit with your family 

We believe learning body care begins within your family. To encourage families to exercise together we offer a special rate for family members sharing workout times. Husband and wife, mother and daughter teams as well as entire families that share group times. How old do you need to be? If you can follow directions, you are welcome to exercise in our studio. We will make sure the intensity is the right match for everyone. So, gather the troops and get everyone moving!

Nutrition Counseling – What you eat can make or break your results

Whether you want to lose fat, build strength, or just feel better, Body Outfitters’ trainers are equipped to help you modify your current eating to match your goals. All new customers will receive goal-oriented nutrition education during the Fitness Consultation and additional counseling time can be scheduled with your trainer for more in-depth accountability and monitoring. It’s important to find the right food intake that allows you to navigate through your day with enough fuel for high energy while promoting progress.

Sport Specialists – Cutting edge Sport Performace coaching for individuals and teams

Body Outfitters’ Sports Specialists (BOSS) dedicate the highest level of training to prepare our athletes for the next level of competition. Our Sports Performance staff not only boast degrees in exercise-related fields of study, but also carry nationally recognized certifications in sports performance. This means that BOSS coaches do not rely on convention or outdated training philosophies when designing programs, but instead utilize the most up-to-date research findings and training techniques. This allows us to build the athlete from the ground-up, improving essential characteristics like strength, speed and agility while reducing the chance of a debilitating injury.



Located in the South Village of Zionsville on Main Street, our 5,500 square foot semi-private studio is big enough to offer all you need to get fit, but also personal and intimate without the intimidation and feel of a big box gym. With a wide variety of equipment including free weights, suspension trainers, resistance machines from industry leaders Nautilus, Paramount, and cardio equipment by Matrix, Xbex, and Concept 2, you and your trainer will have all the tools needed for a great, personal workout.

Zionsville’s South Village is just south of the intersection of Sycamore and Main Street and offers our clients the convenience of access to the walking trail as well as our neighboring businesses that include: a dry cleaner, coffee shop, restaurants, and an athletic apparel store.

Other amenities include private shower room, kids area, and a mobility/warm-up space . Come by and check it out for yourself.


Body Outfitters is now open at 720 Adams Street in Carmel, IN. Located just east of Meijer at the intersection of Carmel Dr & Adams Street in the Boardwalk Shops, the 1,870 square-foot space features a simple floor-plan that guarantees a great workout. We look forward to the opportunity to expand our health and fitness influence into the Carmel community.


Rollen Dice

Personal Trainer - Carmel/Zionsville Location

Landon Whitaker

Personal Trainer - Zionsville Location

Cal Krueger

Personal Trainer - Zionsville

Rebecca Brown

Personal Trainer - Carmel Location

Adam Woods

Personal Trainer - Zionsville Location

Kirk Tidler

Director of Training/Personal Trainer - Zionsville Location

Tyler Gustafson

Personal Trainer - Zionsville Location