Boosting Testosterone: For Men’s Eyes Only

Over the past five years testosterone has become a buzz word in the medical, health, and fitness industries.  For men, testosterone is very important and the recent message implies every male over the age of 35 now needs to run out to have their “T” levels checked to see if they are low.

What is testosterone?  Put far too simply, testosterone is a sexual hormone that makes a man a “man”.  It effects bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength and mass, facial and body hair, red blood cell production, and sex drive.  It’s important for dudes…really important!

For some men, having low “T” is a real issue and they have received significant help.  Before you run out and have your “T” levels checked, consider these “natural” methods for boosting testosterone.  I do have research to support some of my recommendations, but do these things and I bet you feel more manly.

Grow a beard

Beards are back and nothing distinguishes a man from the feminine sex better than growing a robust facial hair display.  Like a mature stag with an amazing, prominent set of antlers, it sends a message to all around of who’s in charge.  Grow the beard and TRY to feel less manly.  Not possible.

Destroy something

When was the last time you physically blew something to smitherines?!  It feels awesome and comes with a surge of manliness unmatched by many activities.  Some of my favorite destructive scenarios are…

  • Splitting wood
  • Driving a large spike with a sledge hammer
  • Digging up a tree stump
  • Demo-ing dry-wall for home improvements
  • Beating the lawn mower that won’t start (Akard’s True Value can fix it…probably.)

Just assert yourself physically to a point where you are huffing and puffing and standing triumphantly over something you needed to destroy or would’ve posted on Craigslist for $20 (only to get $10) but was way more fun to destroy.  Wait!  Did your beard just get longer?

Romance your partner

When was the last time you tried to woo your mate?  I mean really put some effort into it?  Send the kids away, buy the flowers, cook the special dinner, light the candles, tune up the guitar, and sweep her off her feet.  Her eyes might roll at first, but don’t be deterred.  I guarantee a boost in testosterone is close behind for you.

Drive fast

While there are no spaces available in the 100 mph Club (If your dad graduated from ZCHS, ask him about it), moving at high speeds is a great way to get the man juices flowing.  Now, don’t be an idiot and do it on the roads.  Do it where it’s legal…the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!  Get in one of those 2 seater Indy cars and hang on.  It’s 4 laps of complete exhilaration and over-stimulation.  And while your shorts will only be clean for 2 laps, the manliness boost will linger longer.  Look for a Groupon for this and dry cleaning for those shorts.

Low testosterone is a real problem for some men.  My point is not to make light of them, but to encourage you to 1) not jump on every health band-wagon that comes along, and 2) to look for simple solutions first. But also try this stuff because it’s awesome!