Fitness Gift Ideas: 2014

Here are some of my ideas for Fitness Gifts.  Let’s get to it!

Head bands – They’re back and not made of terry cloth.  Men and women alike are wearing head bands to manage sweat, stay cool, and look awesome.  The brand I see ladies wearing is Bolder Bands ( and I love the Buff brand for both headbands and neck gaiters ( $15-$23

A Rub Down – Active bodies need care and restoration, and, sorry, that homemade “1 Free Back Rub” coupon you gave last year just isn’t cutting it.  I’m talking professional, therapeutic, problem solving, body work.  My go to peeps are at Postural Performance Institute near 86th and Ditch Road.  Experts on the body, how it works, and how to keep your body moving as it should.  $50 for 30 minutes (

Sunglasses – From a person who is active outside, my shades are as important as my shoes.  Sure, there are $5 sunglasses that you can lose, replace, repeat, but once you’ve worn a great pair of sunglasses you’ll never go back.  There are many great brands and a large price range depending on the features you want (glass lenses, interchangeable lenses, light weight, polarized, etc.).  My fave are Smith Optics for all activities and Wildcat Creek Outfitters in South Village, Zionsville has a large selection.  $45-$230 (

Get Rollin’ – When it comes to foam rollers there are only 2 kinds of people:  those who foam roll, and those who should.  Piggy-backing on the massage suggestion, active people need to care for their tissue, and foam rolling is a massage you can do every day right in your home.  My new favorite model is the compact The Grid foam roller from Trigger Point Performance.  $40 (

Specific Shoes – Is your loved one exercising regularly?  Then gift them shoes that are designed for that activity.  Running shoes are great but not the best for every activity.  For Resistance Training, Small Group Training, Boot Camps, CrossFit I recommend a flat shoe or shoe with a mild heel rise.  Simply go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and look for shoes labeled “Training”.  $80 – $120

Exercise Clothing – As I stated last Christmas, I find people enjoy getting workout clothes as a gift.  People don’t like to spend their own money on fitness clothes but find they really like having good stuff to wear at the gym once they’ve received it.  Note to men:  If your special lady is already active, don’t just get the gift card.  Go out on a limb and pick something out for her.  This allows her something to open and shows her you put in some effort.  Don’t know her size?  Always guess low.  Also, the acceptable price range is HUGE!  I spent $165 on a pair of pants and a top for my wife last year.  She didn’t like how they fit, so returned them and found a pant and shirt she preferred for a total $31.00!  Know what she did with the rest of the money?  Me neither.  Everyone wins.

Happy gifting!