I’m Thankful My Body Can…

The human body is an amazing thing.  To imagine the millions of physiological events that are happening right now, just so you can read this sentence, is staggering.  It’s easy to take it for granted.  With this, allow me to highlight a few things by body does for which I am particularly thankful.

It responds to caffeine.

Every day, life calls for me to be awesome before the sun comes up, and I thank God for caffeine.  I keep myself to one dose a day so I don’t overuse it, but mostly so I can make sure it works for me.  There was a season when I weaned myself off for 4 months to see the difference…and it was NOT better, so I’m never gonna do that again.

It moves me.

I don’t sit still very well.  Never have.  In fact, the longest I have sat down this week is to write this column.  It’s is a blessing to simply move and go from one place to another.

It can heal itself.

How cool is it that the body can fix itself when it’s broken?   Maybe not as fast or as completely as I would like, but often that’s my fault because I’m not giving it as much TLC as it needs.  As a whole, it does a pretty amazing job.

It holds me accountable.

My body is quick to remind me when I am making bad decisions, especially as I get older.  Whether it’s crappy food, poor drink choices, too late of nights, or all of the above, the message from my body is loud and clear, “Clean it up, Moreland!”

It’s easy to please.

On the other hand, my body is super easy to please.  Hungry?  Eat some food.  Tired?  Get some sleep.  Cold and stiff?  Move a little and get your blood circulating.  The list goes on and on and doesn’t get very complicated.  It’s the simplest roommate I’ve ever had.

It speaks for me.

How boring would it be if we only ever texted?  No facial expressions, no tone, no arm movements, no leaning in for more info, or backing away for less.  How about no eyebrows?  I couldn’t live without eyebrows!  They tell you everything you really need to know.  Why do you think they came up with emoticons?

It was a gift.

I did nothing to get this body.  It was a gift, a fantastic gift.  It is the vehicle in which I live my life, and with such a special gift comes great responsibility.  For as the saying goes “to whom much is given, much is expected in return”, and I intend to use it for a lifetime of serving others.  In order to do that, I must take care of it.

It’s easy to consider your body and be disappointed in what doesn’t work, instead of thankful for the great things.  Think about these things, then tell your body “thank you” with better care.  Happy Thanksgiving!