The Vacation Workout

It’s vacation time and you want to stay on track and workout while away.  Since you may not have access to gym equipment let’s keep it as simple.  Below is a workout that only requires 30 minutes of your time, a sturdy picnic table or park bench, a beach towel, and a buddy. Try it out!

Some notes before you start:

  1. Please check with your doctor before you begin a rigorous exercise program.
  2. During the workout you can always choose an easier position or do fewer repetitions if you feel you are working too hard. Try to keep going if there is “burning” but stop immediately if there is sharp pain.
  3. Check the integrity of the picnic table or bench you are about to put weight on. Make sure it is safe, and not occupied (awkward).  FYI:  if you’re home, Elm Street Green has HUGE, STRONG tables and benches!

Here is your workout with recommended reps and cues for safe, productive body position and motion.

3-5 minute brisk walk or jog – Make sure to move your arms to add to your warm-up.

20 Squats  – Back up to seat of table until backs of legs touch, feet set shoulder width apart. Bend knees and reach your hips back to sit on the seat while keeping your feet flat and posture up.  Reach arms forward to counter-balance if needed.  If too easy, walk forward away from the table to go deeper or add a jump at the top of the squat.

15-20 Push-Ups  -Choose between 3 heights:  table (easiest), seat (harder), ground (hardest).  Position hands shoulder-width apart on structure of choice with your body straight, legs locked, and tummy tight to support your back.  With your elbows wide, lower your chest to the structure, then push back up. Repeat until you are very tired but still in control.

20 Picnic Bench Step-Ups  (10/leg alternating) – Start by standing on the seat.  Step one foot off and lower to the ground, then bring that same foot back up.  Alternate.  You should always have a foot on the seat.  If this is too hard or too high, march in place for 40 high-steps, or repeat squats.

40 Beach towel rows (20 / side) – Face your partner, each of your holding an end of a beach towel in your right hand.  Now back away from each other until one of you has your arm extended and the other has an elbow bent next to your side.  Brace yourself by slightly bending your knees and tightening your abs, then pull the towel back and forth like the two of you are lumberjacks operating a two-person saw to saw through a log.  Work together to get the correct resistance, and don’t be too mean.   Repeat and do 20 reps with the other arm.

40 Mountain Climbers – Hands on picnic table in push-up position, either height.  Pull a knee to your stomach, then alternate and switch knees.

3-5 minute brisk walk/jog

This workout will not take long so feel free to repeat the exercises if you have the time and energy.  Repeat a third time if you are feeling spunky!

Please remember you are on vacation and I am an advocate for rest and relaxation, especially with your family.  Working out on vacation is great for you and noble, but  if you’ve been caring for yourself regularly with exercise, please feel free to take the week off and just “be”.  You may find yourself returning home in better condition than if you would’ve exercised.  Happy Vacation!



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