Tricky Treats

Yay Halloween is such a fun holiday!  I like the costumes, and I like the jack-o-lanterns, but I LOVE the CANDY!!!  Yup, I’m human and I have my favorite treats too and now, like everyone with children in the house, my house is loaded with it.  It’s time to do the annual raid on the bags and get my “Dad tax” of candy.

Hold it.  We don’t need to go crazy on this.

We’re working on some fitness goals.

Let’s set some boundaries before we do something we’re going to regret.

  • If you can’t have a little without a total collapse of discipline then keep your mits out of the candy bag.  You know who you are so phone a friend for support and hold fast.  Seriously, call them.
  • Set a limit of how much you will eat.  I pick my 5 faves (usually a combo of Butter Finger and M&M’s).   Manage your damage with a little intentional play, but then STOP!
  • The leftover candy you were passing out needs to leave your house!  Give it away, throw it away, give it to the UPS driver, whatever!  Get it gone.  See #4 at the bottom for ideas.



Now, what to do with that HUGE bag of candy your child brought home.  None of us want our kids to eat, they would feel and act terrible.  At the same time, they worked hard for their bounty so just taking it really isn’t fair nor does it teach them anything positive.  Here are a few ways to handle this dilemma.

  1. Let them pick out their favorite pieces.  Sure, you can pick how many or ask them how many they feel is enough.  You might be surprised with how reasonable they are when given some input.   Then, involve them  in the disposal of the remainder (see #4).
  2. Let your kids trade it in for prizes.  I know a few parents that offer a bigger prize (not candy) in trade for the contents of the bag.  Be creative.  Think about what you child enjoys and make it an offer they can’t refuse.  An event, toy, gift card, or other “currency” of some nature.  It gives value to their effort and keeps the candy out of their body.
  3. Use the candy for something.  A brilliant father I know hosts a Dads and Kids gingerbread house competition around Christmas time.  Every team gets the same house kit, but can only decorate with candy they collected and brought from Halloween!  Pretty smart!
  4. Donate the candy!  There are several organizations/groups in our area that will distribute candy to those who could use a treat.  Let your kids pick! Some local dentists will even buy your candy and send it to soldiers serving us overseas.  Check out


This time of year is so much fun, but don’t dishonor you or your children’s bodies with an obscene amount of sweets.  Enjoy some of your favorites, then discard of the rest in a responsible way.  I hope you had a safe and Happy Halloween!