What Is Weight Training?

Simply defined weight training is physical training that involves lifting weights. What you are probably really asking is “Why weight training?”

Using weights in your fitness routine provides stress to the muscles that cause them to adapt and get stronger.

First of all the basic benefits of strengthening your muscles:

  • Muscle is the only way you move yourself.  Its condition determines your movement options.
  • Your muscle is the primary engine that burns calories and allows you to control body fat.
  • Your muscles are what provide “firmness” to your body.
  • Your muscles, coupled with your hormones, determine your metabolic rate.  Improve your muscle and you improve your metabolism.

Can you see the significant role muscles play in your life and how having more of it could be very beneficial?

Now that you know the importance of muscle, it’s also important to note that your potential to grow muscle is decreasing by the day. As you age lean muscle mass naturally decreases. So, regardless of your age or condition, strength training is essential to improving and preserving your muscles. Use it or lose it!

Strength training also increases bone density, improves joint flexibility, enhances balance, while also giving you a better base for controlling your body weight.

So how often and how hard must you lift to grow stronger.  I will put this as simply as possible and see which one fits YOUR goals.

Strength Train   0 x per week =   Lose strength and muscle mass

1 x per week =   Maintain current strength

2 x per week =   Increase strength, maintain muscle mass

3 x per week =    Increase strength,  small increase muscle size

4 x per week =  Increase strength,  greater potential for increasing muscle mass

5 x per week =   You’re probably overtraining.  Go outside and walk or something.

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Mark Moreland

Written By Mark Moreland Personal Trainer and Owner of Body Outfitters