Add Metabolic Conditioning to Your Routine

Metabolic conditioning workouts are a great compliment to your fitness routine.

For cardiovascular health and fitness. Regular use of a Metcon series will:

🔹 Maximize the efficiency of your cardiovascular system

🔸 Increase energy and stamina

For fat-loss goals, adding a Mecton series to your training is a no-brainer.

🔹Burn more calories during your workout

🔸Increase your “AfterBurn” – calories burned after a workout

💥This breathy, interval workout is a perfect start!💥
So grab a timer ⏱ and a kettlebell/dumbbell and let’s get moving! Use this workout on a regular basis as a finisher to your strength series or on its own. Record your time each time you complete the exercise series.  This is a measurable way to see improvement in your endurance!

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