BO Christmas 2016 Fit Gift Guide

I don’t like to skip Thanksgiving and jump right to Christmas, but you’re thinking about shopping  more than “ways to manage Thanksgiving over-eating” right?  Call it a hunch.  So, let’s get to my Fit Gift Guide for 2016!

For the beginner

One of your favorite people just got started this past Fall or is planning to get started in the New Year?  Here are a few non-intimidating gifts to support their effort.

  • Water bottle  ($10-$50) – Who would’ve thought a special water bottle would be a good gift but they are a phenomenon.  You can pick any size, any color, any material (glass, metal, BPA-free plastic), any lid type, the list goes on!
  • Headphones ($50-$200) – Lifters, runners, walkers, etc. love to move to their fave tunes.  Wireless headphones are the most popular trend (finally!).  Add in a gift card to download some new songs and you are golden.
  • Arm band phone  holder ($10) – Sure you can hold your phone but it’s workout time, so go hands- free.
  • Theracane – ($20) Got muscle knots?  The theracane is a hook-shaped tool that allows the user to massage even those hard to reach areas.  Great for when you really need help but don’t want to ask your spouse for a back rub.  (sorry fellas)theracane

For the regular exerciser

They’re a veteran at the gym or on the trail now, getting after it 3 days a week for a year now.  The above list is great if you see gaps but these ideas are the next level.

  • Workout clothes– ($25- priceless) C’mon you know what they like to wear, so take a shot and buy them a top, bottom, or jacket.  Skip the gift card and put some effort into it so there’s something to open on Christmas.
  • Foam Roller ($20-$40)- Active people need to care for their tissue, and foam rolling is a massage you can do every day right in your home.  My favorite model for general use is the compact The Grid foam roller from Trigger Point Performance ($40).  For the person who is rolling regularly, try an increase in intensity with the Gemini by MobilityWod ($35).
  • Wrist exercise tracker – ($50-$200) I never thought the wrist exercise tracker would still be around but it has morphed into a high-tech exercise trend.  The jawbone, Fitbit, and Garmin products are the most recognizable names but there are other great ones hitting the market.  Your exerciser will love it!
  • Buff ($20)- Exercise head wear is popular and my fave is the Buff.  Honestly, it’s simply an extra large t-shirt sleeve made of wicking fabric, but the cool factor comes from the multitude of ways you can wear it.  Small scarf, bandanna, head band, face shield, or form it into your own personal cover. (Gift alert:  Santa is bringing one of these to each of our customers this year!)


  • Specific Shoes – ($80-120) Gift them shoes that are designed for that activity.  Running shoes are great but not the best for people capable of living heavy weights.  For Resistance Training, Small Group Training, Boot Camps, CrossFit I recommend a flat shoe or shoe with a very mild heel rise.  Simply look for shoes labeled “Training”.

For the advanced

You know who they are and they have everything so try one of these.

  • Monthly Box of Fit Goodies – ($10-$25 / month) Think they have everything?  Then send them a box full of samples of the newest fitness gear each month!  Check out Wodbox and Bulu Box for the fitness fan, and Cairn for the outdoorsy/hiker in your life.  Many more out there so search it up.
  • TRX Go Trainer – ($129) For those who must never miss a workout, TRX has released a low-cost, high function travel version of their versatile “Fitness Anywhere” suspension straps.  Great for home or when on vaca.

Happy Gifting and Lifting!