Body Outfitters Exercise Science/Kinesiology Internship

Body Outfitters Personal Training Studio is dedicated to delivering a customized exercise program to each individual we have the privilege to care for.  Progressing individuals toward better physical condition is our passion and we do so through expert exercise instruction, accountability, and appropriately demanding work. Whether our customers are working by themselves or in a small group, they know they are getting the best workout, with the highest level of coaching…and have fun doing it!

Internship Position Exists To:

  • Support Body Outfitters’ customers by offering a remarkable, professional experience in every role you assume.
  • Support Body Outfitters’ trainers by contributing to a positive and productive workplace environment.
  • Offer our customer’s a high and consistent level of customer service.
  • Offer a professional environment where the Intern can learn and contribute, to gain professional experience useful to him/her in the future.
  • Satisfy the internship requirements needs of the Intern.


As a Body Outfitters Intern:

                Become an active expert on Body Outfitters                25%

  • Complete the Training Program/On-boarding to learn about Body Outfitters
  • Confidently engage in “door” and “phone” conversations with prospective customers.
  • Become an active, positive part of the Body Outfitters’ brand.


Facility Care                                                                                          25%

  • Learn and complete regular cleaning assignments daily and as needed.
  • Monitor and stock bathrooms consumables.
  • Fold and stock clean towels.
  • Monitor training floor condition.


Solve a Problem                                                                  25%

  • Work alongside Manager and Trainers to learn of a problem/pain within the studio.
  • Develop a plan to solve the problem and submit it to Manager.
  • Implement the solution.*


Present Continuing Education to BO Staff                    25%

  • Select a topic beneficial to BO staff.
  • Develop a presentation/workshop.
  • Present it to BO staff at a staff meeting.
  • *This can be part of “Solve a Problem” portion of internship.


A Body Outfitters Intern is:

  • Professional – timely, educated, articulate, visible, demanding
  • Customer Service Oriented – available, proactive, self-less, caring, solution-based
  • A Team Player – supportive, energetic, humble, accommodating, encouraging
  • Passionate– enthusiastic, current, inviting, FIT!


For more information or to be considered for this opportunity send your resume to