Body Outfitters Interns

Position Exists To

  • Support Body Outfitters’ customers by offering a remarkable, professional experience in every role you assume.
  • Support Body Outfitters’ trainers by contributing to a positive and productive workplace environment.
  • ffer our customer’s a high and consistent level of customer service.
  • Offer a professional environment where the Intern can learn and contribute, to gain professional experience useful to him/her in the future.
  • Satisfy the internship requirements needs of the Intern.
  • Position Reports to: Manager

As a Body Outfitters Intern

Become an active expert on Body Outfitters 25%

  • Complete the Training Program/On-boarding to learn about Body Outfitters
  • Confidently engage in “door” and “phone” conversations with prospective customers.
  • Become an active, positive part of the Body Outfitters’ brand.

Facility Care 25%

  • Learn and complete regular cleaning assignments daily and as needed.
  • Monitor and stock bathrooms consumables.
  • Fold and stock clean towels.
  • Monitor training floor condition.

Solve a Problem 25%

  • Work alongside Manager and Trainers to learn of a problem/pain within the studio.
  • Develop a plan to solve the problem and submit it to Manager.
  • Implement the solution.*

Present Continuing Education to BO Staff 25%

  • Select a topic beneficial to BO staff.
  • Develop a presentation/workshop.
  • Present it to BO staff at a staff meeting.
  • *This can be part of “Solve a Problem” portion of internship.

A Body Outfitters Employee is

  • Professional – timely, educated, articulate, visible, demanding
  • Customer Service Oriented – available, proactive, self-less, caring, solution-based
  • A Team Player – supportive, energetic, humble, accommodating, encouraging
  • Passionate– enthusiastic, current, inviting, FIT!

Intern Requirements

  • Education: Active pursuit of minimum Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science or health-related field.
  • Language: Demonstrated proficient spoken and written English,.
  • Work habits: Demonstrated punctual and reliable, teachable, and enthusiastic,.
  • Work manners: Demonstrated noticeably courteous manners with the public
    Complete Predictive Index Survey (P.I.).

Intern Compensation:

$500 for a minimum 350 hours (25-30 hours/week) completed in 12 weeks.

For qualified interns additional compensation maybe available for cover training with management approval.

Working conditions

The atmosphere at Body Outfitters is:

  • Fast-paced – we have 30 minutes to impress you and progress you.
  • Safe – the details of form and proper movement will determine the resistance.
  • Quick-thinking- we must make decisions on the fly to offer the best care.
  • Positive –there are no barriers we can’t overcome with a solid plan.
  • Customer centered – we do whatever it takes to serve our customers better.
  • Remarkable – create an experience people must talk about!

More About Body Outfitters Personal Training Studio

We’re looking for amazing Personal Trainers who are professional, committed to proper exercise form, and ready to make a difference in peoples’ lives!

Body Outfitters Personal Training Studio is dedicated to delivering a customized exercise program to each individual we have the privilege to care for. Progressing individuals toward better physical condition is our passion and we do so through expert exercise instruction, accountability, and appropriately demanding work. Whether our customers are working by themselves or in a small group, they know they are getting the best workout, with the highest level of coaching…and have fun doing it!

Our Environment

High energy. Customer and Form focused. Team oriented. Positive! We consistently make our customers’ exercise experience as great as it can be; and, though serving as individuals, we work as a team to get it done.

Our Team

You will be working alongside some of the best trainers in the industry, each having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science (or related field), various certifications to support their individual areas of expertise, and having 4-18 years of experience as a personal trainer.

Body Outfitters Services

  • Personal Training (1 on 1)
  • Small Group Training (1-4 clients / Trainer)
  • Nutrition Counseling for fat-loss, muscle gain, endurance events, and special eating needs/allergies
  • TRX
  • Youth Sport Performance

Body Outfitters Offers Full-time Employees

  • Competitive compensation: commission and salary options available. First year average is $36,000/ year with high earning potential
  • Benefits and paid vacation days: group health benefits upon hire
  • Flexible working hours
  • Continued education
  • Opportunities to create products in areas you are passionate about (triathlon training, youth sport training, mini-marathon training, community education, etc.)
  • Opportunities for professional advancement as our company grows!

As Body Outfitters grows, it will do so on these principles

  • Body Outfitters does not offer a job, we offer a career. We look for those special people who want to train/coach people their whole life, and support them with every resource to do just that. In return, we expect your best all of the time.
  • People are our passion and worthy of our best service.
  • Physical stewardship is the most important reason for exercising. We are to be responsible caretakers of our bodies knowing that how we care for ourselves affects us and all of those around us.
  • Be a form-focused leader. Then, when the learning and details are dialed in, have so much fun! When the form breaks, the coach must be right there to step in and lead.
  • Improving your fitness is an investment in your body to engage life more fully.
  • Our employees are the ambassadors of our brand and, therefore, our company’s most valuable resource.