How do I get started?

Whether interested in personal training or small groups it’s important for the trainer to understand your goals, how your body moves, and what (if any) restrictions you may have. Therefore our process for both personal training and classes begins with a 30 min Consultation and 30 min Assessment Workout; which are both free when you visit us at the studio. You can also get started by calling or contacting us through the “Contact Us” link.

What are the contracts and fees?

At Body Outfitters we believe it is our responsibility to earn your business every month, and therefore, don’t require contracts or fees of any kind.  You only pay for the services you desire on a month to month basis.  Each month you determine how often you want to workout and the service you want (1 on 1 or Groups) and that will determine the cost.

Will I work with the same trainer every time?

When you call for the first time you will be asked about your goals and schedule. We use these to pair you with the trainer that will best meet your needs, you will work with this trainer consistently which allows the two of you to move towards your goals.  You will have the opportunity to work with our other trainers as they cover for vacations, step in to meet your scheduling needs, or in our group classes.

Can I workout in the studio on my own?

Our studio is designed to give personal attention to each and every client, in order to do that we do not permit clients to use the equipment on their own. The only exception is our cardio equipment. As a client you are welcome to use the treadmills, stationary bikes, or rowers anytime the studio is open. Please feel free to check with your trainer as to times or give us a call before coming in.

What happens if I don’t connect well with my trainer?

We know that reaching fitness goals through personal training it’s necessary to find a trainer not only with the right skills and knowledge, but also the chemistry between client and trainer is important to create a successful environment. If at any time you feel the chemistry between you and your trainer isn’t working just let us know. We want you to find the fit that works best for you and are prepared to help you make a smooth, professional transition.