Teagan Bixler

Personal Trainer
B.S. Exercise Science

Hello, I'm Teagan Bixler, on the verge of graduating from Marian University with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. While my initial plan was to become a physical therapist, a change of heart led me to discover my passion for personal training during my final semesters. Having missed coaching and always being drawn to workouts, I found my calling in helping others feel their best.

With a background in gymnastics spanning 14 years, including 3 years of coaching, I transitioned into the track world as a Pole Vaulter. My Marian years, marked by two initial years of Pole Vaulting, provided diverse coaching experiences that helped me discern what coaching styles work best, enriching my ability to tailor approaches for others.

My aim is to be your dedicated guide on your journey to a healthier and more active lifestyle. Drawing from my athletic background, I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness and wellness aspirations.