Spring Cleaning for Your Routine

It’s Spring! Are You Still On Track to Reach Your Goals?

A few months ago you set goals. How close are you to reaching those goals today? Close? Great! Take this time to dial them in and get them done!

Not close? That’s okay! Take a seat, write down your goals, share them with your accountability partner, and knock them out! Just like you go through your house for Spring Cleaning, go through your daily routine and clean it up!

Here are some ways to get back on track this spring:

1. Drink water when you are eating out instead of ordering that sugary drink

2. Go to bed half an hour earlier to get closer to 8 hours of sleep

3. Get outside! Go for a walk or get some yard work done

These simple tricks can add up and put you back in the game! Treat Spring as your take two and accomplish those goals!

Rebecca Brown