3 Years of Personal Training in Carmel, IN!

The vision started in early 2018. Mark Moreland, the owner of Body Outfitters, was ready and excited to explore the Carmel market. A personal training studio in the heart of Zionsville, Mark and our team were actively making an impact on the health and fitness of the community and ready to have a similar impact in Carmel.  It didn’t take long to locate the perfect space at 720 Adams Street, Carmel, IN – located just east of Meijer in Boardwalk shops.

In August of 2018, Body Outfitters Carmel opened our doors, welcoming in the Carmel community. This personal training studio is designed to have a small feel and comfortable atmosphere, free of the intimidation of a big box gym. When it comes to training, our personal trainers believe all bodies are different and require a tailored level of personal training exercise that is demanding enough to create improvement, while still safe enough to match current physical condition. Our certified team delivers personal training services working alongside clients to help them progress to the next level and reach desired goals. Together, through assessment, education, progression, consistency, and feedback, we build and implement programs to support clients to reach their goals.

“We don’t just do workouts here.  You can get a workout on every corner of Carmel.  The trainers at Body Outfitters build unique programs to improve how you look, move, and feel.  It’s YOUR workout and our customers are getting results!”- Mark Moreland, Owner

Since opening, our personalized 30-minute workouts have helped clients to lose weight, gain strength, relieve back pain, improve flexibility and so much more. Specific or general. Goals big or small. We are here to provide the personal training program that best fits our clients’ needs.

We are a no-contract facility operating under the belief that it is our job to earn your business each month with progress and results.

Our team at Carmel currently includes three of the best personal trainers in the area.


We are excited to be celebrating 3 years in the Carmel community and look forward to many more!

If you are looking for a workout that is developed for you, call us today! 317-660-1107