Applications from Quarantine 2020

As we approach the end of this time in quarantine from the spread of the Covid-19 virus, it’s very easy to look back and think what an inconvenient time that was for us. Stuck in our homes, not seeing friends, not going out, and watching Moana for the 3rd time in one day because that’s all your 2.5year and 18month old will watch(just me?). We just want things to be back to normal and we want our livelihood to be restored as soon as possible

With that, I personally can say that there have been events from this time that have proven to be helpful to my personal health. Time away from the everyday grind has allowed me to reset, restore, and give convictions towards my mental and emotional health moving forward. Below I have 3 things that this time has allowed me to focus on while being at home, and I will continue to apply as life returns to normal:

Take time to do something you enjoy. Mental health – This is an easy one for all of us. We tend to move towards activities that fill our tank and give us energy and restore us mentally. During this time, taking walks in my neighborhood while listening to podcasts have done just that for me. I took 30 minutes to myself to think about something else other than work or other daily tasks. Topics included sports talk radio, educational talks, or something about my hobbies proved to be a great way to reset my mind.

Application: find an activity that gives you more energy, and provides you an opportunity to disconnect from your daily work and activities.

Connect with your family/spouse Emotional health -One activity my wife and I did while at home was spend time watching a Netflix TV series; we watched all 7 seasons of ‘Mad Men’. This show has a simple story line, but especially well known for its focus on character development. This provided us an easy route to talk and connect. We naturally discussed the plot, characters from the story and how we connected to them personally, and naturally asked questions to each other to further understand. This led us to better understand each other, and also understand ourselves and our own tendencies.

Application: find a simple activity that brings you and spouse together. Anything that can get you to talk and connect. See how it impacts not only your relationship, but how you feel both mentally and emotionally.

Get a coach! Physical health – Before the lockdown forced us all to stay in our homes, I was able to secure some workout equipment for my home. My coach(yes, even personal trainers get coaches), was able to make a regiment that kept me on the right path for my goals, despite not having access to the majority of the equipment I am used to. This secured my thoughts that I always plan to have a coach that can focus on me and my goals, even during hard times like the one we have experienced.

Application: Now more than ever, we need to be proactive towards addressing our physical health. Find a coach that can not only write you workouts, but also coach you and keep you accountable towards your physical goals!

Landon Whitaker
Written by
Landon Whitaker
Personal Trainer

It can be easy to get down and look back on the negative of our time in quarantine. I hope this helps you find some positive moments to look back on and capture for your lifestyle moving forward.